A unique design hotel in every sense of the word

Nordic Light Hotel wants to make the uniqueness of the Nordics come alive in a dynamic and accessible way. So to us, design isn’t just about shapes and materials. It’s with what we manifest our interpretation of Nordic culture and challenge the Nordic expression. To make this happen, we have had an extensive collaboration with head architect Todd Saunders, overall chief of design John Tong and 10 carefully selected Nordic designers. Together, we have managed to create a space where each and every element is part of a bigger idea, a depiction of the place where we live and act. Read more about some of the involved, here.



Is a multi-disciplinary design studio driven by a sense of possibility and a passion for developing spaces that nurture and inspire creativity. Every project aims to transform the physical environment into a dynamic discovery that is both highly functional and rich with cultural meaning. John Tongs work has been recognized around the world and has received numerous design awards. His work has been exhibited at the Venice Architecture Biennale, MOMA in New York and has been profiled in international publications and books.

Todd Saunders

Saunders Architecture

is an internationally acclaimed, published, and award-winning firm founded by Canadian architect, Todd Saunders.Our approach is contemporary, yet human centered, with a deep respect for the natural environment.Our office is enthusiastic and dynamic and employs a multidisciplinary team of architects, engineers, and artists. We are not focused on executing a large number of projects, but on making a few great projects at a time.This allows us to produce bold and innovative designs for which we are known.

Stol av Marcus Bergström på Nordic Light Hotel

Studio Marcus Bergstöm

is a design studio predominantly engaged in developing furniture and spaces for specific contexts and situations with focus on materials, craft and ways of production. The studio is located in Gothenburg, Sweden, and operates together with a network of people and colleagues in Scandinavia and beyond, reaching international clients. While being practice led the studio is also a platform for academic involvement at institutions such as Central Saint Martins, The Cass School of Architecture, Goldsmiths University, Hochschule Luzern, the SVA and Gothenburg University.

Fredrik Paulsens

work spans from furniture to interior-and exhibition design. He is interested in creating a sense of community and finding new ways to make independent and small-scale design more accessible. Fredrik is a co-founder of Örnsbergsauktionen, a member of the design group LAST and a visiting tutor at Beckmans College of Design. In the spectra of Fredrik Paulsen’s work, notions of anti-consumerism, artificiality and counter culture are thrown into a creative mixing pot that celebrates material, colour and form. With a playful approach to ordinary everyday objects, he experiments with new creative processes.

Mats Theselius

During the 20th century, furniture and architecture have been characteristically functional. This functionalism involves a clear perception of society and human kind -a belief that, with technological development, we have advanced so far that we can stand alone, with no need of images and symbols. But this cultural “evolution”has encountered resistance in the past few decades; development is continuing, but we do not feel that we are developing. In this standstill, people are tempted and, perhaps, forced to seek new images. Mats Theselius furniture projects various images and potential associations that are remote from clinical functionalism. Thus, the bear more resemblance to furniture predating the modern period. Various stylistic features and materials are juxtaposed. in a functional and logical world, they bear o pictorial language that gives them in situ, the aspect of objects from a world we recognise, yet one that is unfamiliar. Perhaps, quite simply, it is a world we have not yet seen.


is a design and architecture office based in Stockholm, Sweden founded in 1999. They work to expand the concept of design by crossbreeding it with our different professions and trying to analyze its impact on society by not only practicing but also writing, teaching and organizing workshops.

Sami Kallio

Interiorachitect and furniture designer from Gothenburg, mwith education from HDK in Gothenburg and UIAH in Helsinki. His work is often based on a traditional and functional basis, trying to add something extra to the design so it becomes something new. He run his own designstudio and furnitureworkshop where the prototypes are created hands on and tested by him self before moving on to cooperation with the right furniture manufacturer.
Kallios driving force is the love of good craftsmanship and curiosity after challenging new and wellknown materials. In this way he find the ideas to create both visionary but still traditionally – furniture design. The aim is to create furniture with a durability in both technical and design wise and hopefully can be inherited to the next generation.

Coat hanger by Sahand Hajimirzaei