We share the tradition and culture to do more than what is expected of us —for our guests, our employees, society and the environment. We call this work WeCare. Here are some of the things we do to give back and minimize our impact.

Working with Talita


Talita is an organization that helps women out of prostitution and human trafficking. Leaving these conditions is a difficult process and the need for support is huge, which is why Talita is so important. Nordic Light helps with financial contribution, work training at the hotel for the women and by creating awareness about the issue for the guests at the hotel.

On the pillows in every room, we leave a door hanger with information about Talita and how you as a guest can help. By placing it here we make sure that every guest sees it, as they have to remove it before going to bed. It also signals our very clear stand point on this issue.

ISO 14001


ISO 14001 is a collective name for international standards in environmental management. In order to receive the certification, there must be a clear focus on environmental improvement measures, the results must be registered, and the targets must be adjusted every year.

We have our environmental management system, NewPenguin. An important part of the certification is the training of employees. We have an e-learning program that all employees can take part in. We also have an environmental coordinator, who ensures that environmental work is carried out and registered.

No single use plastic


Limiting our use of plastic is very important. That’s why we don’t work with single-use plastic in our hotel.

In the kitchen


Keeping our menu seasonal and as locally produced as possible plays a key role. We also have one star in the certification by KRAV in our breakfast. This means that the amount and quality of the products are controlled by an independent company. One star means that at least 25 % of the total purchase value is KRAV-certified/ EU-ecological/MSC-certified products. We sort all of our waste in the kitchen as well. From compost to plastic and metal, and the plastic we use we try to find quality that has less environmental impact than other. A problem that many restaurants face is the amount people leave on their plates. By evaluating the size of the portions, we see that people finish what’s on their plates.

Ethical Trade


A visit with us should be positive and smart, both for our guests and for the community. Delivering fantastic hotel experiences, produced with care for people and the environment, is important to us.

It is not always easy to act right, which is why we have developed ethical guidelines for our suppliers and all their suppliers. These cover basic human rights, requirements for good working conditions and environmental requirements that are internationally recognized UN conventions and ILO conventions.

We want all our partners to make as little impact on the environment as possible. Therefore, we have a list of minimum requirements for environmental certifications and environmental policies that all our suppliers undertake to uphold.




We are 16,500 employees from 170 countries. No matter what your experience is, where you are in life, what flexibility you have and who you love, there is a spot for you at Nordic Choice Hotels which we are a part of.

We have an ambitious work for equal rights and opportunities, regardless of people’s sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression.

Nordic Light Hotel is TAG Approved ® as a LGBTQ-hotel together with our partner Preferred Hotels & Resorts.