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Lykke & Löjromsbaren

Lykke & Löjromsbaren – food inspired by the Nordic food culture with Nordic ingredients, we serve everything with a modern international twist. Focus on the menu is fish, seafood and vegetarian dishes and when added meat, it is wild from nature. Restaurant Lykke also offers an open kitchen with accompanying Chef’s table.

In Löjromsbaren we offer dishes with different types of roe and innovative Swedish cocktails as well as beer from Swedish micro breweries.

With us, the authenticity is in focus, in both kitchen and service. The ever-present Nordic origin is combined with modern focus and sustainability. The atmosphere reflects Nordic hospitality, where a calm and personal attitude meets high service.

The interior is bright and modern with a strong focus on ash and elements of Swedish marble.

Hours of operation

Monday-Friday 12 noon–3 pm

All days 5–11 pm

Sunday–Monday 11 am–midnight
Tuesday–Saturday 11 am– 1.30 am


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lojromsbaren dry gin Stockholms bränneri