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Nordic Light Hotel

Welcome to Lykke 

A contemporary interpretation of the Nordics and a tribute to our heritage.

Come have dinner with us at Lykke. Sit at our community table or bring your own favorite people. Enjoy Nordic signature tastes and authentic food experiences, always created with great respect to nature´s own variations and resources and local producers close to our heart.
Lykkes´s menu is a constant exploration of Nordic cuisine, of its traditions and its future. Try high quality fish or seafood, meat from the wild and free, or carefully selected primeurs – and be sure to explore the extensive wine and drink menu that will match them all. Our seasoned sommeliers and bar staff will guide you through the Nordic cabinet.
Our bar is a real treat for the thirsty, the perfect place to spoil yourself and your company with a glass of chilled, sparkling, brewed, mixed or experimental. But Lykke is not just about letting yourself indulge in great flavors and great conversation.