Event calender

Welcome to us! Here we list what is happening at the hotel such as exciting menus and special drinks in our restaurant LYKKE, theme days and DJ’s.

We also advice on other events in Stockholm such as sports, concerts and exhibitions.

Chef's Table Wednesday 13 Nov - 31 Dec

Chef's Table


Our chef's table in Ekeberg marble has space for 18 people. Here you are as close to the kitchen as you can get. Perfect for some wine tasting, a family dinner or celebrating someone's birthday.

Wine o' Clock Thursday 16 Jan - 30 Dec

Wine o' Clock

@LYKKE 4 -7 pm

You're invited every day between 4 - 7 pm. LYKKE's red and white wine for SEK 60. Non-alcoholic options available.

DJ - Susanne Svensson Friday 28 Feb

DJ - Susanne Svensson

@LYKKE 5 - 8 PM

Susanne is known for her eclectic and soulful vibe of underground classics, new edits, and easy-to-clap along with melodies and she has been an active member of Sweden's disco scene since the early 2000s and she’s also part of the disco dj duo A Disco Story. The focus of her set is on disco, boogie, and house, with inspiration from the 80's gay scene in New York. ”Larry Levain is the teacher, Moodymann is the preacher!”

Propose February 29 Saturday 29 Feb

Propose February 29


According to old tradition, women can propose on leape day. Book your room now!

DJ - Dan Redholm Thursday 5 Mar

DJ - Dan Redholm

@LYKKE 5 -7 pm

With celebrated gigs across Stockholm with a handful of international bookings, Dan have become regular contributors to the hype surrounding Stockholms club scene. Always packing his record bag full of eclectic love!

DJ - Hanna Brandén (Name the Pet) Friday 6 Mar

DJ - Hanna Brandén (Name the Pet)

@LYKKE 5 -7 PM

These days you’re most likely to find Name the Pet in the studio making amazing music. During her DJ set at Lykke she will serve airy house remixes of Sade, disco and rhythmic instrumental electro.

DJ - Nassim Mehran Thursday 12 Mar

DJ - Nassim Mehran

@LYKKE 5 -7 PM

Stockholm-based percussionist & House/Techno DJ. Playing since 2008 with one focus only: to play rare tunes impossible to stand still to. Inspired by producers such as Nihad Tule, HD Substance, Redshape, Tania Vulcano, and ofcourse by other favourite genres: ambient, world & oriental and hiphop.

DJ - Miss DJ Friday 13 Mar

DJ - Miss DJ

@LYKKE 5 -8 PM

Jessica Wejhem aka Miss DJ, one of Stockholms most frequent DJ's is joining us att LYKKE this Friday to set you in the perfect after work mode. Always packing the smoothest soul, funk, afro, rnb and more.

DJ - Miki Grujovic Thursday 19 Mar

DJ - Miki Grujovic

@LYKKE 5 -7 PM

LYKKE resident DJ Miki Grujovic is back to serve some fresh Rare Grooves, Disco, Afrobeats, and of course a great portion of Soulful House of its nicest forms, from the new school as well as the old.

DJ - Julia Lindholm Friday 20 Mar

DJ - Julia Lindholm

@LYKKE 5 - 8 PM

Her career as a DJ started as a great passion for music and nightclubbing, and as a frequently booked DJ she has also had the chance to develop her technical skills through the years. Musically Julia will prefer to play electronic dance music of different kinds; house, garage, uk house, deep house and electronica. At venues less clubby she likes to mix a more chilled house vibe with music such as disco, italo disco and funk.

DJ - Mahsa Khoshnood Thursday 26 Mar

DJ - Mahsa Khoshnood


Studio Barnhus label manager and DJ Mahsa Khoshnood started her career about 7 years ago playing hiphop, R&B, dancehall and future beats. Gradually, she turned to house music, going back to the style of music that once was a big part of her childhood, and her sets now mainly revolve around electronic music. With a fine-tuned and large selection, Mahsa creates exactly the right vibe for the occasion.

DJ - Miki Grujovic Friday 27 Mar

DJ - Miki Grujovic

@LYKKE 5 -8 PM

DJ Miki Grujovic, is a well-known feature in the Stockholm club scene. With over 18 years playing practically all the major local clubs & bars, and a lot of them abroad from Mexico to Belgrade. The vibe played is a spice of bass and 4x4, that often ranges from 90-130 BPM. Take that and blend it all up with a danceable and rhythmic combination of everything from Rare Grooves, Disco, Garage, Breakbeat, and of course a great portion of House of it’s nicest forms, from the new school as well as the old.